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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SHEQsys?

SHEQsys is an online web-application, which allows users and managers to log, investigate, report and determine trends of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality related activities within their organisation.

Aka the best and only all in one tool you need within your organization.

What does SHEQsys stand for?

Safety, Health, Environment Quality system.

Simple, we know but we like things that way

How do you pronounce SHEQsys?

“SH – eck – sis”

We’ve heard it multiple ways and will go with the flow

Why use SHEQsys, you ask?

Our Safety, Health, Environment, & Quality Management Solution is designed to streamline your business by:

  1. Eliminating Paper
    • Record of everything altogether in one place.
  2. Work the way you want
    • Instant ‘Out-of-the-box’ customization, flexible to suit your company.
  3. Cost Effective
    • SHEQsys is an annual subscription.
  4. Web Based & Mobile Compatible
    • Log in from anywhere web browser on any capable device.
  5. Reports and Dashboards at your fingertips
    • Extensive reporting capabilities are included, across all modules of SHEQsys.
  6. Fully Supported
    • SHEQsys is fully supported via remote support tools, over telephone or if need be onsite.
  7. Extensive Investigative Tools
    • Tools that can be set on and off as necessary depending on the risk level and SHEQ type.
  8. Automatic email notifications
    • Sent to the relevant people and managers, notifying them of added entries and actions for their attention
  9. Overdue Reports
    • Outstanding investigations can be set to be automatically emailed within a time period.
  10. Schedulers
    • Schedule future audits and be notified when instruments are due to be calibrated and documents due for review

Need we say more?

Why have we made it subscription based?

No capital outlay. SHEQsys rates are based off user groups per an annual subscription. This makes it cheaper for your company as this entitles you access to every module and to all the latest updates within your subscription period as well as access to all the new features and all Remote support regarding any SHEQsys queries via telephone, email or remote desktop connections.

Yes we said it - Includes Every module, New features, and remote support.

Why Host with us?

We’ll start with the 5 top reasons

  1. No installation on user’s computers is required as SHEQsys is a web-application, which is hosted on our dedicated web server.
  2. The most up to date version of SHEQsys
  3. Up to date backend system hardware and software requirements.
  4. It is secure and you will have access from anywhere with and internet connection
  5. Daily backups

Can you access it on-site?

You can access SHEQsys from any internet capable device – whether you are an apple, android, microsoft or no-name fan as long as there is an internet connection and web browser you can use any size device you want and upload attachments such as photos, documents, video & audio

You can load a video of yourself singing out the dramatic scenes.

Got another question for us, we didn’t answer, please feel free to ask us!