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The Audit Module has been designed around the concept of user definable Templates
which can be setup under the Utilities module by the administrator.
SHEQsys has five distinct audit modules, being:
  • a full blown system/Process Audit
  • an Inspection
  • an Observational Audit
  • a Review
  • or a Survey

Create different audits

There are 5 different kinds of audit within our module with different scoring styles. Audits and inspections use 5-star rating. Observations use positive and negative values based on the number of people complying. Surveys use a 3-star rating and reviews rely on comments

Multiple templates

Create base templates for each type of audit and SHEQ type that can be used repeatedly

Create audit schedule

Choose a template and create a schedule on which date and area in which an audit should be conducted. This can be put as a recurring event in the calendar. The template will be automatically created and an email will be sent notifying the relevant user when it is time to audit

Calculate scores

As the points are answered, the score is automatically calculated and updated as a percentage. The total can be seen on the top of the audit as well as subtotals next to each relevant element

Touchscreen friendly

Audit on the go with your connected mobile device. Create and complete audits from start to finish attaching any necessary photos taken by your mobile device

And much more...

Add relevant attachments to individual points or the whole audit
Approve findings on completion of audits
Directly compare previous audits
Know the status of the audit
Allocate elements to different auditors
Save root causes
Incident Innovation Feedback

Raise incidents, innovations and feedback from within each point of the audit as necessary. Allows for actions to be created and all entries will be associated

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