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SHEQsys has the facility to log and investigate incidents, near misses (an event which
could have given rise to an incident if it had run to conclusion) and potential incidents (an
event that could happen, given the right conditions)
The system will apply the investigation parameters that the administrator would have set in the utility module
according to the determined risk level

Create any type of incident

For Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality, capture Incidents, Near Misses, and Potential Incidents. Each incident will receive its own unique identification number once it has been logged

Capture necessary information

Precise and to the point. Log the required details from the beginning of each incident, capturing relevant information for each SHEQ type. From injury specifics for Safety to product details for Quality - captures enough details to be comprehensive in data capturing

Categorise SHEQ Incidents

Customise SHEQ categories to suit your company by creating relevant options to classify incidents based on the type of incident, SHEQ type, customer/supplier related. Create statistical and analytical reports from these categories

Calculate Risk

Based off estimated cost, consequence and probability, risk level will be calculated to show low risk to extreme risk, and the threshold can be adjusted to suit your company as necessary

Investigate the way you want

Customise the investigation of each SHEQ type, incident type and risk level, by using our supplied tools

And much more...

Associate Incidents
Approve before and after investigation takes place
Add relevant PSSIs
Know the status

Create concessions from Quality Incidents. Request special approval for a non-conforming products or services