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Risk Assessment

The risk assessment module lets the user effectively conduct risk assessments. It
allows for follow-up and review whilst keeping historical information of all previous
assessments for the system or process. The module allows reviews to be conducted on individual points as well as on the whole
assessment. Attachments can be added when required.

Calculates Risk Level

Based off consequence and probability, risk level will be calculated to show whether the user has a low risk or extreme risk case

Add Assessments

Create numerous entries relevant to all the risk possibilities associated to the site, that each entry can be tackled with individually as necessary to decrease risk potentials as far as possible

Before and After

Create before and after risks. Once the initial risk has been determined and a control measure put in place, the risk after can be calculated

Review and Revise

Review risk assessments at regular intervals and receive automatic notifications of assessments that are due for review. Revise entries as necessary to ensure risk levels are always low

Determine Hierarchy

For each assessment, the Hierarchy of hazard control in the Risk After can be chosen to show what level of control was put in place to decrease the risk of danger