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Manage controlled company documents and ensure you always have the latest revision.

The document register module allows the user to view documents that have been assigned to them or their areas. Users can be assured that they will always have the latest approved revision. These documents are available to view, but not to edit on the system, which can only be done by a defined document controller.


Documents referred to regularly can be saved as a favourite for ease of access.

Favourite Documents


Create different distribution groups for users to access relevant documents. Create a group for the whole company or custom selection of areas as well as individual users. Add extra users directly to documents as required to view.

Associate multiple documents


Documents that refer to forms, procedures, or drawings etc can be associated, keeping relevant documents close at hand.

Keep revision history altogether in one place

Automatic notification of new revisions and new documents available

Log of document views

Distribution employee register

Document approvers

Document reviewers

Automatic notification of documents due for review

Facility for uncontrolled attachments

And much more...


View associated documents within Audits, Calibration, and Risk Assessments

Integrate existing documents with the Document Request module for changes to current documents.

The ultimate SHERQ Management Solution.
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Favourite Documents
Associate multiple documents
Favourite Documents
Associate multiple documents
Favourite Documents
Associate multiple documents
SHERQ Management Software System | SHEQsys
Favourite Documents
Associate multiple documents